Killing Floor 2 Workshop

Technical Requirements and Source Art Downloads

NOTE: all downloads of any Tripwire Interactive/Killing Floor 2 source art are ONLY for use with our games and are subject to the same End User License Agreement that you accepted when you installed one of our games. If you are downloading this material without owning any of our games, those same conditions and EULA still apply. To check on the detail, read the EULA here.

KF2 Item Workshop Technical Requirements

*The above weapon UV Template link also contains full weapon source art downloads.

Cosmetic Item Guides

KF2 Cosmetic Item Style Guidance

Weapon Skin Guides

KF2 Weapon Skin Creation: Getting Started

Item Submission

KF2 Workshop Item Submission Tutorial

Map and Mod upload tool for user subscribed mods

Steam Workshop Upload Tool

Put your skills to the test!

We started with a version of the Steam Workshop for the first Killing Floor, exploring how to make it easier both for content creators in the community to get their content to players, as well as making it much easier for players to find new community-made content. With Killing Floor 2, we are aiming to broaden that experience much further. You'll be able to add the content you create to the Steam Workshop, where it can easily be found, commented on and voted on by the players of the game, with the potential to be accepted and incorporated into the game. Finally, and fairly importantly, any revenue that content generates will be shared with the creators. That means actual money, for you, the content creator.
To publish an item to the workshop for consideration, or if you are new to model-making and content creation, first read the FAQ below, and then click the Steam Workshop button in the main menu of the game. If you have other ideas for the game, we encourage you to share them with the Killing Floor 2 community in the Killing Floor 2 forums (HERE). Yes, we actually do read them.

Disclaimer: Naturally, we will not accept items that contain offensive imagery or any copyrighted or trademarked material. So please, don’t waste your time. 


How will the process work?

  1. You create an item that meets all our submission requirements, which are listed with each type of item elsewhere in this document.
  2. You upload your item through the upload tool, test and publish it to the Killing Floor 2 Steam Workshop.
  3. The Killing Floor community gets a chance to comment and vote on your item.
  4. If there is enough interest in the item, we'll review your item and potentially select it to be added to the game.
  5. If there are any changes, comments or anything from us, we'll contact you directly to discuss.
  6. If finally selected we integrate the item into Killing Floor 2 and test it.
  7. Once added to the game, we will split the money your item generates in the game with you.

What kind of items can I make that are considered for use in Killing Floor 2?

Right now we will accept cosmetic items and weapon skins. We are working on other types of content to be added in the future.

How can I find the Killing Floor 2 SDK?

The Killing Floor 2 SDK is located in the tools section on your steam library. Open your Steam library, select tools, right click on Killing Floor 2 SDK and install.

Where can I find tutorials on the Killing Floor 2 SDK?

Most of any UDK or UE3 tutorials will be applicable to the Killing Floor 2 SDK. There are also specific tutorials to aspects of the Killing Floor 2 SDK located here: General UDK documentation can be found here:

Where can I find good tutorials for 3d modeling and texturing?

The Polycount forums and wiki is a great resource for game artists.